How to buy tickets to movies online and on demand with a $10 credit

Movie tickets on-demand are getting more expensive and more complicated.

Here are some tips to get the most bang for your buck on the internet.


Don’t go for cheap 2.

Check out reviews and make sure the company is legit 3.

Search keywords like “movie tickets” or “online movie” to see if they are legit 4.

Try to find a place with a lot of reviews 5.

Find the theater that has a “buy now” button 6.

Check if they have a discount program 7.

Use their website to book the tickets online 8.

Find out if they offer free movie passes 9.

Ask for the price upfront 10.

Buy tickets online and take advantage of the discounted price 11.

Take advantage of discounts when they expire 12.

Check the website to see how many tickets you have to buy for a movie 13.

Try not to pay too much for a ticket when it is $10 cheaper.


Try using an app to buy movies online instead of going to a theater 15.

Find movies that are discounted by 20% or more.


Search for movies with a theater code or special offer 17.

Get reviews of the movie and ask friends if they want to go to see it 18.

Buy the movie online using the codes you find on their website 19.

If you can’t find the movie on their site, try a movie ticket app like iMovie 20.

Check their store for deals on the movies they offer 21.

Make sure to take advantage when they are available by using promo codes on their web site or apps.


Search on Google to see which movie theater codes are valid for a certain movie.


Look for discounts online 24.

Search online to find movies that offer free or low-cost passes to movies.


Try looking for discounts on the theater website to get a discount.


Check for discounts or special offers that are on their own site 27.

Search “free” or other words that are similar to “buy” or similar to the word “pass.”


Check to see whether the movie is coming to a specific location.


Check on their “online shopping cart” page to see what discounts they offer 30.

Check a movie theater’s website to make sure there is an offer or promo code that is valid for the movie.


Ask friends or family members to pick up the movie for you or if they can make it to the theater.


Look up a movie with an upcoming release on the website 33.

Check local listings for movies available on the Internet 34.

If the movie doesn’t have a theater nearby, check to see when the movie goes on sale in a particular city.


Try getting tickets to a different movie using the same codes you found online.


Check movie theater locations on Craigslist or other sites to see where you can get tickets to the movies you want.


Check online for deals or promo codes that are valid at the time of purchase 38.

Search the Internet for the theaters that offer the best deals.


Look into the online reviews and reviews of movie tickets.

If they have ratings or other reviews that you can trust, you can buy the tickets for the cheapest price.


Ask your friends or families to come to the movie theater to see the movie when it opens.


Check social media sites to check if other people are going to the same movie.


Check with your local theater if the movie will be on the big screen.

If it’s not, you may have to pay more for the tickets.


Check in with your friends and family members on Facebook to see who is coming and who is going to see your movie 44.

Ask them to call their friends and relatives and tell them where to go for the show.


Check Twitter for new movie reviews.


Search Facebook to find reviews of movies that have recently been released.


Check your local news site to see reviews for upcoming movies.


Check Craigslist or similar sites to find movie tickets for upcoming releases.


Find a movie that is close to you or you can drive there and see it for yourself.


Ask someone else to drive and walk to the theaters to see for themselves.


Ask a friend or family member to drive you to the film theater for the theater if you have no tickets or can’t pay.


If a movie is being released in another city, ask your friends to drive or walk to it. 53.

Look at local newspapers and watch for news articles on the subject.


If there are other movie theaters in your area that are participating in a promotion, ask them if they will be having the same offer on their sites or apps as you do. 55.

Ask about other movies being released that you might like.


Ask the theater to put up a promo code on their app that