Bloodshot: The Complete Journey to the Deadliest Movie ever made

On September 10, 2018, the official website for Bloodshot, the upcoming horror movie directed by Josh Brolin, went live with a countdown timer.

The countdown was to run until midnight Pacific Time (4pm EDT).

But, instead of ending with the clock ticking, the countdown clock on the website switched from midnight to midnight on the following day.

The film’s website was taken down by the National Geographic Society on Monday, but it has been restored.

“This was a very intentional oversight on our part,” said Jodie Bowers, editor-in-chief of National Geographic.

“Our team is extremely dedicated to ensuring that we have accurate timekeeping for all our films.

This error was a direct result of the unfortunate timing of our site’s website switch.”

The National Geographic website is still live and showing countdown timers, but the site’s countdown timer has been switched to midnight to prevent people from viewing it before midnight.

The website for the film was not affected.

“We have never seen this happen before, so we are not aware of any other recent errors,” said Bowers.

The site was launched on July 28, 2017, but since then it has only been up for five days.

It was the third-highest-grossing film of 2017, earning over $1.1 billion worldwide.

Brolin directed Bloodshot in March 2018, and it was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

The movie was a huge box office hit, and received praise for its unique visual style, which is described as “horror meets Gothic”.