The best apps for watching movies online with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Apple has released its iOS 10 app catalog, and while there are a lot of interesting apps out there, the iOS 10 update is really the highlight of it.

The iOS 10 release was supposed to be about updates to the App Store, but as with any major software update, it has been overshadowed by the App Extensions update.

The new update has seen iOS 10’s most-used apps get a new look, with the addition of a new “My Movies” section to the My Movies section of the iOS app.

The My Movies app also includes the ability to search the My Music section of iTunes for popular songs.

It’s nice to see that iTunes has expanded its catalog and is now accessible through iOS 10.

You can also now get new movie and TV show listings on the iTunes app, including a new feature that lets you see the listings in your own local area.

The iTunes app also has a new tab called My Movie Lists, which lets you search the iTunes catalog for popular movies and TV shows in your area.

You’re also able to see which movies are currently in your local library by searching the app’s Spotlight feature, which is now updated to offer up new movie listings and TV listings for each movie in your library.

This is a huge update to the iOS App Store and should give iOS users plenty of new and interesting apps to choose from.

We’re still waiting for a full list of new features and updates for iOS 10, but if you’re looking for something to watch on your iOS 10 device, you can check out our full iOS 10 roundup.