Divergent movie site online to be taken offline by Russian law enforcement

The official site of the Divergent film franchise is currently being taken offline following a court ruling that it is a criminal conspiracy to sell online pirated movies.

The site, located at the Divergents official website, was one of the first to be shut down in January after a complaint by Russian anti-piracy group P2PFile sharing site TorrentFreak and US-based legal firm Hogan Lovells filed a complaint on the grounds that the site had been operating as a “criminal enterprise” that had been distributing movies without authorization.

TorrentFreak’s complaint, which was filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia, claimed that the sites use of the “illegal means of distribution” constituted a “crime against the United States”.

“The site’s conduct is illegal and constitutes a crime against the US,” Hogan Lovelli’s lawyers wrote.

“The company has violated the criminal conspiracy provisions of Title 17 of the US Code by knowingly distributing and promoting illegal copies of the copyrighted work of other individuals and corporations, in violation of copyright law.”

Hogan Lovell’s complaint also noted that the company was not licensed to operate under the DMCA, which governs takedowns.

According to TorrentFreaks, the court ruling cited the Russian Federation’s anti-infringement law, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which prohibits the use of a website as a forum for distributing pirated content, or as a platform for distributing content that is not the author’s.

According a statement issued by Hogan Lovello’s lawyers, the company has no comment at the time of writing.

The site is still available to access.

In addition to the lawsuit filed in January, another Russian court has also ruled that the domain name registrar DynCorp is guilty of a criminal offense for allegedly facilitating the distribution of a “phishing” email to the addresses of its users.

A case related to the Domain Name Registrar (DNS) provider, DynCorp, was recently settled with a $5.8 million settlement.

The ruling in the case was originally filed in December and the case is now in the hands of a judge.

A spokesman for DynCorp said the company will comply with the settlement and is “reviewing its options”.