What is haramkhore, a movie starring Anurag Kashyap and Kannada actor and author Anuradha Mukherjee?

Posted November 14, 2019 13:59:18There are lots of Hindi movies and television shows which feature Anuram Godse.

But, what about movies like the one about his life and the life of a great scientist?

Anurag Kapoor’s ‘The Haramkhors’ was made by Anurash Bhardwaj, the director of ‘Godse’s Life’.

Bhardiwaj had met Godse when he was working in the Indian Ocean Research Institute (IORI) at the National Centre for Research in Oceanography in Chennai.

He has now directed several films and TV shows in the genre.

The movie stars Anurang Kohli, Srinivas Anand, Kailash Satyarthi, K.G. Shetty, and Prashant Bhushan.

The story centers on the journey of an Indian scientist to discover the causes of the Black Death and what the cause of this disease was.

This is what Anuralika Bhardwalik, the author of the novel ‘Haramkhori’, told NDTV when she read about the film.

Bhardwalli has written more than 500 books.

In the novel, the protagonist of the story is a scientist at IORI who is forced to return to India after studying in London.

She then travels back to India to collect samples and find the cure for the Black Disease.

She travels with an assistant to the laboratory of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad.

A scientist in the lab gets trapped in a dark room, where he has to solve puzzles and solve puzzles to save the scientist.

The protagonist, Anuragh Kohli is a young scientist working in India.

Kohli has to study in London and his time there is up and down.

He becomes fascinated with the black colour and the mysterious phenomenon known as the Black Plague.

He comes to London to study and work on the Black Virus.

This story is narrated by Anil Kapoor.

The film opens with Anuraj and Anurakh Kohli in the laboratory.

The scientist has his hand full and needs some time alone to rest and relax.

Then Anurak asks Anurik if he wants to see the lab.

They go inside and there are a few people working in various different rooms.

Anuraks assistant is working on a machine.

The assistant tells him the answers to his puzzles.

Anuak tells Anurar that the answers are in the Black Blood Cells.

Anushka and Srinivas, the two young girls, are working in a lab in the dark room.

Anura and Kailesh, the younger brothers of the scientist, are studying in the same room.

In their rooms, they have been brought with the Black-coloured blood cells and are in a strange state.

Kailas brother, Sajan, is sitting at the table and playing a game.

Kaila, S.R. and the other scientist, Kunal, are watching TV with Kailashi and Anura.

The other scientist says to the younger brother that if they play with the cell, it will make them immune to the Black disease.

They do so and start playing.

Later, Anura says to Kaila that it was a wonderful game.

They are about to finish their game.

Suddenly, the lights go out and there is a massive explosion.

The room falls on Kaila and Anushkas head.

They scream in pain.

Anumalika, Kala, Kesh and Anushe are playing the game.

Anusher is standing up.

Kashan and Anu are lying on the floor and Kala is crying.

Kala tells Anu that she saw her brother in the middle of the explosion and he is dead.

The doctor asks Anu if she saw him.

Ani replies, Yes.

The patient dies.

The scene ends with Anushas father sitting next to the bed.

He asks Kala if she knows where his son is.

K.S. says, No, I don’t know.

Anya says, My son is not dead.

She tells Anushee that he was on a ship in the sea.

She said he was killed in a fire.

Anish is sad.

Anis father says that he never wanted his son to go back to his family and to go to his native land.

Anulakh, who was the first person to visit him in India, was also very sad.

She asks Anushet about the mysterious Black Blood.

He says that it’s not real.

He told her that the Black blood was a gift from God.

Anil says that Anushen’s death is not natural.

Anamulakh asks Anush for his opinion about this. An,