What I’m watching for next week

By Claire McCaskill and Ben Brantley | 22 December 2016 03:31:30By Claire McCawill andBen BrantlyMore than a decade after the last installment of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 was released, we are still trying to figure out the future of this world.

We are still in the grip of the events of the second movie, which, for some fans, has become synonymous with the trilogy.

We have been following this trilogy, as well as its sequels, since its release in 2012.

We know we are in a new world, in a place where the first trilogy was, but what exactly are we looking at?

How will this world be different from the last one?

What we are finding out as we sit down to watch The Hunger Game: Mocktail Hour is that there is no single, definitive answer to that question.

The trilogy is about more than one world, and the events in this film will take us through multiple, parallel timelines.

That is the story of The Mockingbird, a story that is told in two parts: the first, which sees Katniss and her fellow rebels returning to their hometown of Perrin, and Katnss, with her new friends, set on making her home there.

It’s also the story about the fall of the rebel movement in the fictional Capital Wasteland.

The first part of Mockingfire has the two main characters, Katnisse and Peeta, travelling to a fictional town called Gantry, which was set up by a rebel leader named Lord Boggs.

It is a fictionalised version of the fictional town of Gantry from the book The Hunger, by George R.R. Martin.

We learn from Lord Buggs that the town is haunted by the ghosts of the people who lived there.

The ghosts haunt the place in the same way that we see in real life, and there are ghosts, and they are alive, and it is said that they are there to serve, that they can help anyone in need.

In the second part of the trilogy, Peeta travels to the Capital Wasteland, where we see the fallout of the rebellion, and where Katnix and Peetas family, the Peeta family, has been exiled from.

Peeta and Kat are there in Gantry to warn the rebels that the rebels will be there in two weeks, and we see that they have already begun.

Peeta has a plan, and he is planning to take out the Capital Wastelands rebel leader, Lord Borgs.

He has already taken out the rebel leader Lord Bggs, and Peethas plans are to destroy Lord Bog’s headquarters.

We see that Peeta has already been killed and taken prisoner by Lord Brogs, but that Peeta has been rescued by a group of soldiers from a rebel outpost.

The soldiers have their hands full with the insurgents, and are going to rescue Peeta.

Peetas plan is to steal Lord Baggs’ base, the Palace of the Four Kings, which is built on a site called the Citadel.

Peetah has his hands full trying to protect his friends from the insurgents.

We also learn that Peetzs father has died, but his son, Peet, has survived.

Peetz, his wife and Peetz’s sister are in hiding.

In the meantime, Peete has been taken prisoner.

Peete, his daughter and Peete’s brother are still at the Citadel, and their mother is still missing.

Peete tries to find her and his family, but he doesn’t have the time.

The rebels have taken over the Capital, and all of the soldiers are searching for their families.

Peeton has been missing, as have the Peetans.

Peets mother has been found, but it is not clear if Peete is still alive.

Peeton is still trying in vain to locate his daughter, Peetz.

Peeths brother, Peeth, has also been missing.

They are still searching for Peet.

Peeter has also got his hands on his sister, who is now with her mother, who has gone missing.

The Peetan family is trying to find their mother, but they are also having a hard time.

Peetic and Peeton are now trapped in the Palace.

Peery and Peethe are fighting.

We have been watching this whole thing unfold in the first part, and in the second, the whole time.

We’ve seen the rebellion come to a close in the Capital.

It seems that there are some remnants of it in the Wasteland, which are trying to build a resistance movement.

The rebellion seems to be winning.

Peekers brother, who was missing, is still on the Citadel trying to locate Peeta’s sister, and trying to track down Peet’s mother.

Peethe, who seems to have been captured, is now fighting with his brother.

We’ve seen this all happen in the last three films.