How to watch Divergent online for free

Online movie streaming service Divergent will now offer a new subscription service that allows fans to download and watch the film online for $12.99 a month.

The new service, which will be available exclusively on the Netflix-owned service, is called the Divergent Movie Unlimited service.

It will allow users to watch the new film in a range of ways, including as a stand-alone movie, on an Apple TV, on a Chromecast, on Google TV, and on a Roku.

The service will also allow users of the service to stream to an Apple Mac computer, and offer a download option for the film on a variety of devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and other devices.

The new feature is also available in Canada.

The movie’s official website says the movie has been available in theatres since July.

Divergent is being developed by Blue Sky Studios and directed by James Gunn, with David Fincher, Chris Morgan, Joss Whedon, Josh Trank and Guillermo del Toro producing.

It is expected to be released in theaters around the world in 2019.